Summer Jumper

Summer Jumper


Oasis white sweater
$64 –

Orlebar Brown red shorts

Emilio Pucci clothing
$435 –

Havaianas black sandals
$34 –

Black purse
$33 –


Boutiques and department stores empty their shelves for the arrival of the spring and summer (referred to as S/S ) collections. Thus, winter clothing reach plunging price tags. It’s time to shop again. Keep your leather work boots because this haul is in flip-flops.


The white sweater (jumper, UK) is a staple in winter fashion. It’s in every closet, intentionally or otherwise. Hence, fashion houses and labels tend to include several variations in one collection. It’s not surprising to spot a couple of pieces on the sale rack. You need not wait for the winter season to catwalk in your latest find. A white sweater is, likewise, a must in every summer wardrobe. On the beach, the ultraviolet rays and sea wind can be quite hostile. The long-sleeved white top is a trendy protection. Opt for a cotton sweater to keep off the heat. Because it is loose, you can wear your swimsuit underneath without feeling uncomfortable. Pair it up with bright red swim shorts to add a charming pop of hue.




Solid black flip-flops are versatile. These monotone pairs go well with every beach outfit. Moreover, black flip-flops do not seem to accumulate dirt (let’s face it, no one really bothers to clean them).


Sunnies are vital to protect from UV rays and stalking accusations. The featured eye piece in this post is from Tom Ford, designer and director. Shield your eyes the way an artistic visionary guards his.


Have your valuables (sunscreen, wallet, phone, more sunscreen) with you at all times in a nautical summer tote. Tie an ocean blue sarong at the base of the handles so you can easily grab your cover-up/ instant beach mat/ instant towel.




This ensemble is day-to-night approved. Sea side temperature can be quite chilly in the evening. Summer Jumper is a subtly sexy outfit— top completely covered and modest shorts. It is important to uphold decency and an utter sense of responsibility while dancing and partying at the resort night-scene. 


Summer Jumper is for the chic, whether you’re spending the summer in Monte Carlo, Marinduque, Bali, or just a resort in your city. Are you ready to  jump, plunge or dive, into summer? 



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