Hide & Seek

Refresh Paperback

Cleaning your iTunes library can be fulfilling. If obsessing over a song you are about to delete isn’t phenomenal, I really don’t know what is. And Ed Sheeran is my favorite singer, again.

Watch the official music video as I reveal my take on its meaning. I do not own the photos in this post. Thank the Tumblr hipsters and Google Image.

Refresh Paperback.

Give Me Love is written in the voice of a hopeless romantic. She talks to her soul mate. She’s in an unrequited conversation. However, he is yet to come.

Give me love like what you’re giving her. ‘Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone. Paint splatter like tear drops on my shirt.

She has conceived her own notion of love. Moreover, she has created a personal image of the person she believes destined to be with her. Perhaps, he’s somewhere far away. Perhaps, he’s with someone else. However, she needs him right now. She needs him to find and love her.

Refresh Paperback.

She becomes cupid. She is forced to strike romance and witness blossoming love —with the absence of her own. This is a metaphor to self-pity. We realize that she is filled with an utter sense of defeat, despair, and insecurity because he hasn’t arrived.

Told you I’d let them go. And that I’ll fight my corner. Maybe tonight I’ll call you. After, my blood turns into alcohol. No, I just want to hold you.

She tries to let go of her distress. She tries to be hopeful. Maybe, she will shoot him with the arrow of love as she roams the street. However, she doesn’t. This leaves her even more devastated.

Refresh Paperback.

She grows weary and proposes an ultimatum: love me now or never find me at all. Give me love. Cupid shoots her neck to end her misery. We infer that the arrow is lethal if it wounds her. However, the arrival of her soul mate breaks the spell. And this hide and seek has met its conclusion, when she least expects it. ■

Refresh Paperback.


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